Project overview

In the realm of interior design, the synergy between different elements often yields remarkable results. For instance, by combining sleek and modern furniture with bold and vibrant artwork, a commercial office space can exude a sense of creativity and innovation. Such is the case with the recent “collaboration” between London House Rugs and Collaborate Furniture, a partnership that combines bold bespoke rugs with beautiful workspaces.

Office Collaboration Bespoke Rug

As you peer over the metal balcony into an industrial office setting, you’re met with multiple seating areas, each with unique palettes and personalities, embracing colours that vigorously pop from the monochromatic surroundings. These contrasting colours against the concrete walls and floors add visual interest and create a visually striking aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Each rug is characterised by circular patterns layered over square shapes, boasting bold, geometric patterns with clean lines. One particular piece features Rainbow Line Arches, which clearly reference the 1920s Art Deco and Mid Century Modern Boho vibe.

These lines are further accentuated using carving; a technique used in rug-making where certain areas of the rug are sculpted or raised to create a three-dimensional effect. In the case of the rugs by London House Rugs and Collaborate Furniture, carving is used to enhance the geometric patterns and add depth to the design. The carved areas create a haptic element to the rugs, giving them a unique texture and making them visually dynamic.

Office Collaboration Bespoke Rug
Office Collaboration Bespoke Rug

The hallmark of these bespoke rugs is their plush pile, which exudes opulence and invites tactile exploration. These rugs not only create an inviting space for staff and visitors but also help reduce echoing in open-plan spaces and improve acoustics. They also provide a comfortable surface for standing and walking on, helping to prevent slips and trip hazards. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a long-lasting, attractive, safe floor. From the softness of the fibres to the richness of the colours, every aspect is carefully considered to ensure a truly luxurious feel.

As the demand for bespoke interior decor continues to rise, collaborations like this one serve as a shining example of what is possible when creativity knows no bounds.

Drawing inspiration from architectural motifs and modern art, the designers at London House Rugs and Collaborate Furniture embarked on a journey to create rugs that would serve as focal points in any space, elevating the ambience and adding a touch of sophistication.

If you would like more information on creating bespoke rugs for a commercial or residential space, please contact the London House Rugs team to find out more.