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The fabulous outcome of decolourising and overdyeing hand knotted vintage rugs. Here you will find handmade vintage overdyed rugs and carpets for sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Vintage Overdyed Rug Or A Distressed Rug?

    Even though traditional area rugs offer an exquisite insight into the regional craftsmanship of Anatolia and Asia, many find that their time-honoured styles can be out of place in contemporary homes. Recent years have seen an upsurge in quality older rugs redesigned for modern interiors. The popularity of "distressed" vintage rugs can be attributed to giving a new lease of life to an aged traditional rug. However, they also add a splash of colour to our homes while still having the timeless class and vintage feel of a handcrafted original.

    A modern twist on an old favourite is what makes vintage Persian overdyed rugs genuinely stand out. Rugs that were once reserved for high-traffic areas of the home can now be placed in any room. And while a traditional Persian or Turkish rug may still be the perfect choice for a formal dining room, vintage overdyed rugs work beautifully in a modern setting.

    An overdyed rug can add personality and style to any room - no matter the decor or colour. We offer a large selection of rugs in various styles, colours and sizes so that you can find the perfect piece for any space. 

  • Vintage Overdyed Rug Origins

    Rug patterns and colours provide a fascinating glimpse into the regional craftsmanship of Anatolia and Asia, yet many of their time-honoured styles don't suit contemporary interiors. The appeal of overdyed rugs in Europe is two-fold: they add a vibrant splash of colour to our lives while still retaining the classic feeling of an original handcrafted work of art.

    Reusing and repurposing household items is not new and overdying is a continuation of this. Even though the method has spread worldwide, it was first developed in Turkey, and this process is now used in many rug making nations to repurpose genuine antique and vintage rugs. Another name for these rugs is 'distressed rugs' and this also represents a crossover trend between fashion and home decor.

    An overdyed rug is an on-trend item that contributes to a sustainable practice. Overdyeing is often applied to more worn vintage and antique rugs, such as Persian rugs, Indian rugs and Turkish rugs. In recognition of the skill and care taken to create these traditional items, this recycling helps preserve beautiful rugs for future generations.

  • Why Choose A Vintage Overdyed Rug?

    Vintage overdyed rugs, also called distressed vintage rugs, are merging fashion and decor. Unique in quality and rarity, vintage overdyed rugs offer a unique look and original design. This look showcases rugs that find their place in homes as if they've always been there; they fade, wear and soften with time.

    The allure of vintage overdyed rugs, available in a variety of colours and designs, offers endless style possibilities. Persian overdyed rugs showcase rugs' texture and faded fabrics and look right at home in many settings. We have a variety of vintage rugs to suit your style and decor, from retro to modern.

     We offer easy shipping and simple returns so that you can shop worry-free. There is something for everyone with our wide range of colours and designs and all our vintage overdyed rugs are hand made from natural materials.

  • What Are The Benefits Of A Vintage Overdyed Rug?

    Vintage overdyed rugs are very much on-trend and especially popular with interior designers. Recycling and repurposing more worn rugs is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship that went into making these predominantly Persian rugs. Vintage overdyed rugs are generally less expensive than antique and vintage carpets that are in very good or excellent condition.

    Natural materials of wool and/or silk make our rugs durable, easy to clean and long-lasting. Each rug is an original design, with every piece having a unique pattern. We offer a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes so you can find the perfect one for you!

  • How Are Vintage Overdyed Rugs Made?

    Vintage rugs (rugs produced between 1920 and 1970) or antique rugs (anything before that) are overdyed. Various methods may accelerate the ageing process, depending on the desired look. The pile of some rugs is first evened out and 'distressed' by shearing. After that, the colour is neutralised and removed. Combinations of chemical and natural bleaches are used by reducing the pattern to an outline. A paler colour is sought after dyeing for a more distressed look, which can be repeated multiple times.

    Additionally, the dye can be applied to the lighter background shades to create a multi-tone rug or a uniform colour. Afterwards, the rugs are washed to set the colour, which will last for many years. It is common to see several different shades in vintage overdyed rugs, adding a certain vitality to each piece.

  • What Are Vintage Overdyed Patchwork Rugs?

    Vintage overdyed patchwork rugs are created by cutting rug fragments into smaller shapes and sewing them together. Cotton cloth is then used as a backing to reinforce all patchwork rugs. Colours can again be bold or neutral or shades of the same tone. Every fragment tells a different story and a patchwork rug may showcase multiple patterns and weaving techniques, making each one truly unique.

    Also known as distressed rugs, vintage overdyed rugs came into fashion a few years ago, and magazines, stylists, interior designers and bloggers have already championed this style.

    Our Vintage Overdyed Rug Collection gives new life to old rugs or more worn vintage and antique pieces. Using this method, we are giving a new look to a traditional rug, thus making it a more contemporary feature. These rugs are perfect for any room in your home and you will love the softness and the colour that is unique to each piece.

  • What To Look For When Buying Vintage Overdyed Rugs

    Many homeowners prefer vintage overdyed wool and/or silk rugs. Let's say you want to incorporate one of these exceptional rugs into your interior design, yet you still want to add a contemporary feel to the space. These beautiful pieces should be purchased with a few things in mind.

    Variety & Value

    The rug is vintage, so please remember that. You won't go to any retail store to find one of the same for sale. The options for vintage overdyed rugs are plentiful; you will need to be prepared and ready to shop to find what you are looking for. The materials range from wool and silk, and there are a wide variety of colours available, yet there is still a style that will suit any decor.


    The best vintage overdyed rugs are washed and dyed more than once. It results in rugs with beautiful colours and new rugs or carpets that have undergone traditional dyeing do not have this intensity of colour.

    The rug will have a softer texture than expected. In addition to relaxing the carpet's fibres, this process also gives the rugs a rich look and texture.


    Vintage overdyed rugs are truly unique. No two overdyed wool and/or silk rugs are the same, so you can be sure your rug is authentic. Colours and textures vary from rug to rug due to the dyeing process and these hand made pieces cannot be mass-produced.

    Whether you want a rug for your dining room, living room, bedroom or foyer, you will be laying a rug with a character of its own, giving your home a unique look when choosing an overdyed rug.

    With vintage overdyed rugs, you get the best of both worlds. They are durable and beautiful. You will love how they add character to any room in your home! Click this link to see our selection of colours and patterns available today!

  • How To Style A Space With Vintage Overdyed Rugs

    Wall Hung Rugs For Extra Style

    Vintage overdyed rugs also look amazing on walls. Rugs are hung on walls to showcase these art pieces and this has been done with Persian rugs for hundreds of years. These wall-hung rugs are a great way to add a touch of style to any room. Each piece is made of wool and/or silk that will last for decades to come. You can choose from various colours, sizes and patterns to find the perfect rug for you and there is almost always a rug to match any decor in the home.

    Living Room & Bedroom Rugs

    A unique room in the house needs special treatment with some unique home decor accessories. You will agree that every one of these unique spaces requires a unique rug too, and how better could it be to choose a vintage overdyed rug for this purpose.

  • Why Choose London House Rugs?

    London House Rugs is a family business with humble beginnings in the quaint village of Boston Spa, Yorkshire. Over two generations, the company has expanded into London, supplying the finest handmade rugs and providing cleaning and restoration services and bespoke rug creation.

    We have decades of experience when it comes to sourcing, selling and weaving Contemporary and Modern rugs. We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality rugs with the most eclectic mix of designs and offering complimentary home viewing services. This lets our clients see their selection of rugs in their homes and properties.

    We offer free delivery within mainland UK, and if the rug is not right, you can just return it to us for a full refund within 14 calendar days.