Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Has London House Rugs Been Trading?

    London House Rugs was founded in 1975 in the West Yorkshire town of Boston Spa. The company was soon regarded as an authority in handmade rugs from all over the world in the county of Yorkshire, and since then, the company expanded to offering a nationwide and international service. With thousands of rugs in stock and an established bespoke rug production, London House Rugs is now one of the UK’s  leading retailers in hand made rugs

  • How Did We Develop Our Rug Expertise?

    We have honed our knowledge and experience for over 45 years, building established and ethical relationships with weavers across the rug-making world. With regular trips to weaving centres, a skilled rug restoration team, hundreds of rug installations every year and dedicated buyers, there isn’t much we don’t know about handmade rugs.

  • What Areas Of The UK Does London House Rugs Cover?

    London House Rugs ship to all areas of mainland UK free of charge.

  • Do London House Rugs Sell Rugs To Customers Outside Of The UK?

    We regularly ship to countries outside of the UK. We offer an international delivery service and regularly ship to Europe, the USA, the Middle East and South East Asia.


    There is an extra charge for international deliveries based on the delivery address and rug(s) selected. We can provide quotes for international shipping, just contact sales@londonhouserugs.co.uk

  • Where Do Our Rugs Come From?

    Our handmade rugs come from all over the world. We have pieces from Iran, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, China and Europe.

  • What Is London House Rugs’ Returns Policy?

    For further details on our returns policy, please visit the page below:



  • Does London House Rugs Make Bespoke Rugs?

    As well as stocking handmade pieces from our authorised weaving network, we also make hand knotted, flatwoven, hand loomed and hand tufted rugs to order. We can make these rugs in a variety of fibres such as wool, silk and silk variants, and have thousands of colours to choose from.


    We also make natural flooring rugs to order in jute, sisal and seagrass fibres.


    For more information, please visit our Bespoke Rugs page below:



  • What Rug Qualities Do London House Rugs Sell?

    All of the rugs that we stock and make are handmade pieces. All stock items are hand knotted rugs with piles of various levels of fineness, or they are flatwoven rugs that are not piled.


    We make sure that all pieces use excellent quality materials and expert craftspeople to ensure durability and longevity for each rug.

  • How Does London House Rugs Ship/Send Rugs?

    Our rugs are sent via courier or by a London House Rugs dedicated vehicle. For courier shipments, full tracking details can be provided.

  • Can London House Rugs Clean and Repair Rugs?

    We have a dedicated team of weavers in our restoration workshop, where we clean, repair and restore hundreds of rugs every year. For further details on this service, please visit our Rug Restoration page below: