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    Why London House Rugs?

    London House rugs have a long and distinguished history in the rug industry, stretching over five decades.

    During this time, we have seen expansion into two larger London Premises, full online retail facilities and the building of a dedicated and knowledgeable team of specialists.

    This means that whether your project includes sourcing a single rug for a house or a large number for a Hotel roll- out, we can supply an unrivalled range of antique, contemporary or bespoke rugs underpinned by our dedication to quality, authenticity and good service.

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    In the realm of interior design, the synergy between different elements often yields remarkable results. For instance, by combining sleek and modern furniture with bold and vibrant artwork, a commercial office space can exude a sense of creativity and innovation. Such is the case with the recent “collaboration” between London House Rugs and Collaborate Furniture, a partnership that combines bold bespoke rugs with beautiful workspaces.

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