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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Contemporary Kilim Rugs

    Browse a wide selection of contemporary kilim rug designs for your living space, including living room rugs and carpet runners in a variety of styles, sizes, materials and colours.

    Turkish Anatolia is where the handmade rug style known as a "Kilim" began. They stand out for their bright patterns and geometric shapes.

    Kilim rugs have existed for many years and have their roots in the Ottoman Empire. Due to their bohemian chic look, they have inspired people, growing more and more popular as a decorative item in recent years.

    Original Name: سجاد الكليم المعاصر

    Alternative Name(s): Modern Kilim Rugs

  • The Characteristics Of Contemporary Kilim Rugs

    Contemporary Kilim Rugs are flatweave rugs produced by hand with geometric, modern designs and soft natural colours. The warp and weft threads of our contemporary flatweave rugs are closely woven together to create a flat surface without pile. These contemporary designs are very striking and have a simpler construction.

    Materials, Patterns, Styles And Common Designs

    Kilims are a type of rug that is made from wool, cotton or silk. They have been used for thousands of years and were originally woven by hand in the Middle East. Today, kilims are still handmade but they can be machine-made as well. The most common types of kilims are those with an animal motif such as horses, birds, dogs, cats, camels etc. There are also many geometric patterns available today. Some people prefer to use them as wall hangings while others like to use them on floors.

    The lighter colours seen in adjacent Anatolian rug centres are preferred by the more popular contemporary and modern Afghan Kilim rugs, and the wool used to make these carpets by hand is famous among collectors for its superior quality and longevity.

    Contemporary kilims are also flatweave rugs but feature more contemporary designs with abstract patterns.

    Standard Colours

    Contemporary Kilim rugs come in a variety of styles, with strong, graphic designs available in pastel, neon and even monochromatic hues.

    Whether used as kitchen or bedroom rugs, many kilims also exhibit natural, earthy tones which emit an aura of serenity and relaxation, creating an environment full of harmony.

    Weaving Technique

    Modern kilim rugs are routed in the ancient art of weaving and add a touch of traditional beauty to any room. Although they are now frequently created using contemporary methods and produced with the newest hues, some of their ancient themes are still present. As a result, modern kilim rugs play a key role in the ethnic style that is currently fashionable among fans of interior design. This is because the patterns and colours of this style are just as well-liked as those of traditional kilim rugs.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Contemporary Kilim Rugs?

    The latest trend is modern Kilim rugs. Surprisingly, despite the fact that the rug designs date back to an earlier time period, modern homes can easily accommodate them. These rugs are in trend because they are wonderfully versatile and add a cheery punch of colour to any room. And what a simple method to instantly update your space — just put one on the floor or hang it on the wall, and your space will come to life. They can be used in any contemporary area because of their versatility. You can't get enough of these rugs, whether they are in vivid or subdued hues.

    This classic flooring feature is durable and simple to maintain, making it a wise choice for high-traffic areas, starter apartments and informal rooms. There are several options, and they are woven in a variety of materials and patterns.

    Decorating With A Contemporary Kilim Rug

    In the early 1900s, when interest in Islamic culture started to influence décor, kilim rugs gained popularity in the West.

    A kilim complements a variety of interior design trends, including transitional, industrial chic, southwest and mid-century modern.

    Other sorts of home décor, such as pouffes, cushions, ottomans, wall hangings or table runners can be created with contemporary kilims.

    Even better, you can use a modern kilim to reupholster a bench or chair.

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