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Spilled mulled wine on your rug? How to get rid of those seasonal stains.

Of course, this would have to happen when it was your turn to host Christmas brunch. Paul from down the road has gotten a little too merry once again, and tipped his festive bevvy all over your lovely, antique rug – so what do you do now?

Eggnog thrills – except when it spills!

When a spillage occurs it needs to be dealt with immediately, ideally, to avoid staining.

Use a moist, clean cloth to pat the spillage from the edges towards the centre. Then, use a chemical-free soap or shampoo (see our ‘top tip’ for an explanation why) to help lift the stain (if it’s not moving a Grinch!) Place the damp area of the rug on an elevated surface, such as a low stool, to help it dry quickly.

Top tip: Using shampoo can really help quick and effective rug cleaning, as the protein of wool (which a large number of rugs and carpets are made of) is similar to human hair.

But what about mulled wine – isn’t that a worse crime?

Getting rid of red wine stains isn’t actually as difficult as it might seem (even from cream carpets!).

Like with other stains, begin by patting the spillage from the edges inwards with a clean, dry cloth. Then, make a solution of water with mild, colourless detergent and 1 – 2 teaspoons of plain vinegar, to lightly rinse the spillage. Pat the damp area with another clean, dry cloth. Rinse again with plain water and place the moist area on an elevated surface to dry for as long as it needs, until the pile and the foundation are both dry.

Of course, it’s not easy to get rid of red wine stains, and you have to act, fast. Try and be vigilant with your cups of mulled wine, and remove all obstacles in the room to avoid little accidents!

To get rid of stains and blots, you really must NOT:

  • SCRUB, as scrubbing a stain only embeds it more deeply. Pat it repeatedly and consistently.
  • USE HOME REMEDIES OR CHEMICALS, as these may cause the dye to run or discolour permanently.
  • LEAVE YOUR RUG DAMP AFTER CLEANING, for if your rug stays wet for too long a period, it may rot the foundation.
  • SUBSTITUTE PLAIN VINEGAR FOR APPLE VINEGAR, which will damage the rug further.

If you’re worried about the extent of the damage, you can always use our cleaning and restoration service – a quick, fool proof way to recover your rug to its former glory!

Just a little tip – shaking off the dust is an absolute must.

Your rug hasn’t suffered from a spillage but is still looking a little lacklustre. What it needs is some quick TLC – which can be provided by a good shaking.

Pick up your rug and gently waft it up and down (like you’re laying down a duvet or a picnic blanket). Then, flip it over and gently vacuum the back of it – the vibrations from the vacuum should loosen the dust that’s fixed in the pile, and make it fall away. Then, hoover up the escaped dust, and put the rug back on the correct side.

To keep on top of your cleaning efforts, we advise that you brush your rug at least once a week – carpets and rugs collect dust when they’re ‘inactive’, or never moved, so by jiggling them every so often, you can really help it looking like new!

Top tip: Vacuum the rug slowly if you’re trying to shake embedded dust, so that the vibrations have time to work through the entire depth of the rug.

So don’t be a (snow)flake – it’s not the end of the world if something is spilt. Just act wisely, and act fast: you’ll be merrymaking again in no time.