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We were invited to select a number of handmade rugs for the Mayfair headquarters of an investment bank. The brief was to ensure the rugs fitted with the prestigious architecture of the building and reflected the various functions of the individual workspaces. Here is how we went about it:

Informal meeting room – A flat-woven Kilim rug was chosen to give this space a less formal feel and introduce texture and pattern without additional unwanted colour.

Boardroom entrance – A distinguished antique Persian Tabriz carpet was selected for the entrance to the boardroom. This lent a more traditional feel, as it was felt that the initial design had been too contemporary and there was a desire to reflect the 240 year history of the bank.

Main reception area– This was a tricky space! First impressions are important so a stately antique piece was needed to set the tone in this long and relatively narrow space. Luckily we have access to a vast selection of choices and this Kelleh or “long rug” was 7 meters in length and made in 1880. A perfect fit.

Reception waiting area – It was decided that a large antique rug would provide much-needed focus in the relatively neutral waiting area. This large 6 meter antique Persian Mahal brought the seating together and introduced warm complimentary colours. Despite being woven 120 years ago, it was still tough enough to withstand the constant wear and tear of the main reception waiting area.