We at The London House Rug Company are proud to offer a real variety of carpets, rugs and tapestries – but what do you REALLY know about our range?

In a new, short blog series, we’re giving you the history behind some of our most popular offerings, highlighting their standout features and offering inspirational style tips.

First up under the microscope is – the Aubusson rug.

A Quick History

Aubusson rugs emerged in mid-seventeenth-century France in the town of Aubusson, inspired by Savonnerie carpets, made by a royal staff exclusively for the king.

Fine rug weavers copied the techniques and motifs employed by the makers of Savonnerie carpets to make Aubusson carpets, which became very popular among the wealthy upper class.

Production of the original rugs ceased after 200 years of work, ending in about 1870.

In A Word, They’re…

Stately. Aubusson rugs cannot help but exude class, which is no surprise, considering their noble origins.

Unique Style Points

Aubusson rugs are woven on large looms in a tapestry weave true to the traditional French way. Here at TLHRC, we use New Zealand wool ensuring that they’re made to the highest quality and last to become heirlooms.

They are traditionally pastel coloured and made up of a combination of floral and architectural-inspired designs: great for fans of intricate artwork.

What They Look Good With

Aubusson Rugs look at their best in light, airy rooms, complementing both a modern, minimalist setting or an opulent, grand one.

If you prefer specificity – we think this Design 33 looks gorgeous in a room with gold effects (such as candlesticks or frames), and this Chinese Aubusson design works fabulously as a centrepiece on its own, surrounded by lush, leafy potted plants. Equally notable is the Design 105 in a soft duck egg blue, a very popular colour throughout our rug ranges.

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